by Imagine

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released February 22, 2013



all rights reserved


Imagine West Covina, California

An MC with a love for music as deep for life itself. Imagine transcends what you'd expect from your everyday hip hop artist. With tenacity, intelligence and passion; Imagine is one to watch.

Imagine's latest release, The Liftoff, is his most ambitious project yet. Exploring new themes, observations, and genres; Imagine is allowing fans to learn more about him while still blowing a speaker or two.
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Track Name: Enforce the Law with Daniel Dupuy
It’s the return of the uh-oh dynamic du-o
First time out but hey that’s cool yo
Imagine going leading forward with my best foot front
With the one coming up, winding for the punt
I kicked ass, slept in class, question asked, answered last,
Straight product of the system so I still passed
Grasped the concept variables of the equation
Then calculate my odds and laugh with elation
No hesitation contemplation cause I knew it
With my Nike state of mind, don’t think just do it
So that’s what you’re seeing, me just being
My goofy stupid silly self onomatopoeing
Buzzing with some chatter so my presence felt like a hit
Have you heard imagine? Yeah… he’s the shit
Aint no question bout it what your hearing is the truth
Evolution of my presence and the science is the proof
Track Name: Back to the Topic with Kwency Jones
Stepping to the mic but I must be stepping right
Cause if I’m stepping wrong I might just catch a flight
No feathers no wings praying red bull please
Falling free fall as I’m wishing for some 3’s
Genie’s in a bottle as my speed is full throttle
Wishing time freeze and turn it to gelato
A life so sweet crystallize up in the heat
Life’s like a diamond hard as fuck but so neat
Hard to appreciate when it’s right there and have it
But worth to fucking kill for try and steal grab it
Yeah I fucking want it damn I gots to get it
But once its in your hand, it’s like na forget it
What the fuck is this I thought life was truly bliss
Maybe hit or miss but always worth the risk
Like love’s first kiss turn a mrs. From a miss
But gotta make it quick clocks running tick tick
Expiration date so I’m trying to hurry fate
I want to find true love but cant even find a date
Tried to be a player but discovered I’m a lover
Love is on my mind cause I’m always thinking of her
But does she love me back damn, I don’t know
I want to fuck her good, not like another ho
Hold her through the night and never let her go
So when she says I love you I can say yeah I know
Back to the topic, oh yeah I’m falling
Not in true love cause that’s clearly not my calling
But never the less gravity has my number
Looking like your stock IQ going dumber
Searching for a cloud so my head can feel like home
It’s feeling like a dream but my totem says I’m home
Inception of my heart is deception of my mind
Feeling tuned in cause my soul reception fine