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by Imagine

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I am me 04:58
(Rocky) This kid’s gonna be the best kid in the world. This kid’s gonna be somebody better than anybody I ever knew.’ And you grew up good and wonderful. It was great just watchin’ you, every day was like a privilege. Then the time come for you to be your own man and take on the world, and you did. But somewhere along the line, you changed. You stopped being you. You let people stick a finger in your face and tell you you’re no good. And when things got hard, you started lookin’ for something to blame, like a big shadow. Let me tell you something you already know.The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s a very mean and nasty place, and I don’t care how tough you are, it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain’t about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and KEEP MOVING FORWARD. How much you can take and KEEP MOVING FORWARD. That’s how winning is done! Now if you know what you’re worth, then go out and get what you’re worth! But you gotta be willing to take the hits. And not pointing fingers saying you ain’t where you wanna be because of him, or her, or anybody! Cowards do that and that ain’t you! You’re better than that! Cause I am me never saw it differently Had a change or 2 but I remain me Roller coaster life and I wasn’t strapped in So when the loops arrived I wasn’t laughing Never was prepared for this thing called life Never saw it coming but hey that’s life let’s this be that moment that I realize I own it That I open up life and you can come and join it if you want (Chorus) But I am me and I’ll never a change thing Yeah, I am me Yeah, I am me never change a thing , no I am me and I’ll never a change thing I am me Yeah, I am me never change a thing , no Cause I am me that nerdy little boy …And this rapping is my toy Playing like a jedi cause I love that star wars Light saber battle yeah I’m dorky to the core But it’s who I am and that makes me love me more Tell me to grow up and I say what for? I’m having to much fun and I know your jealous some Of my talent skill potential and everything I’ve done so far (Chorus) Cause I am me on to the next degree Key Intelligence is what I hid internally Deep inside my brain and there it lies I go insane with a Genius kind of madness but I know I must refrain …Can’t let it all out But I want to scream and shout I’m a fucking genius no comparison between us Cause I know you want to be me but, you can only see me far out (Chorus)
Let's Ride 03:32
Imagine be the name it’s exemplified in living Not to serious since most the time im kidding Shouldn’t play with me cause I’ll put you to shame Since I’m always overtime and ahead of the game But failure and success is just one of the same Cause no matter what I’m always looking to gain On the upper hand so I do because I can Don’t understand? That’s ok cause no one can I plus me squared to the tenth degree Then cube magically does that equal me? I’m not as complicated as you make me out to be More simplicity, no I’m not soliciting Cause homie right here man this is for free On that mixtape download legally A little piece of me that I’m sharing with you And the only thing better is still me times two Hey Julian So your rapping now huh? Wheres the bling? And your bitches? No Bitches? What about a car?... On 20’s... Isnt that part of being a rapper? Are you Fucking Serious? Lyrical Napster hanging from a Lime wire Morpheus mind putting down your double wall fire On that free shit fuck a top 40 hit Looking for the real? By George this is it Doing what you don’t what I do is excel A daily dose of me is better for your health But stealth are side effects in which you might feel In feeling kind of light, fat, and stupid for real So please crack a smile, yo a grin is not a sin Place me by the sun and start to watch it dim A star among space not space watching stars Looking like a prison cause I hold so many bars I’m Always down to flow just tell me place and time Just bring a mop or two cause I’ll blow your mind Yup I got you, but you don’t have me Gingerbread pace when I flow so quickly Inadvertently I’m confusing you too And killing mother goose by the rhymes that I use Read a book or two and we’ll see eye to eye But you never do so just call me the sky I cant help but laugh cause it’s easy looking past All full of yourself when you’re really just half
The Failure 03:35
I have a alot of people telling me I just need to get back to being me. Alright. I'll show you, but pay attention though Excuse me while I vocalize my essence Don’t ask for shit my presence is your presents No bite off Ye so to make that clear That line was my shit cause I been saying it for years Been dreaming off this track and I been dreaming for some years But now the dragon’s up and I’m out to strike some fear (dragon roar) Call me TP since I’m coming up yo rear Wiping bullshit and cleaning out your ears Like the reset the mental check is offset But what I’m writing here just might be best yet It’s me against myself so please place your bets I’m here and here I goes and he who goes, gets Carry no guns cause my eyes are like knives Killing kitty’s 9 lives in just one try (cat angry) Spit full of venom, and skin like denim Doubters talk shit, cause shit I let them It’s time to wake up and make up the flow Not pre determined I’m just making as I go Freestyle so –so but you don’t know When I write down the lyric, y’all be like oh! Damn he did it again that kid imagine Facebook him quick and friend request him Google up the name, bookmark domain Stuck inside your brain storming up some rain Oh indeed I will, believe I’m being real I put the truth in it fed ex signed and sealed With the realness contentious possibly controversial The movement I be making be so definite inertial You can’t stop me now, like my name was the force Metachlorean count was known as the source Driven to strike a chord with my hardcore wordplay Scribble sixteens when I’m bored it’s easy No fallacies just facts among the fiction Ya want to follow up yo please check ya diction Bitches running off with a thought and no sense Off direction no GPS, pests I find em quick I B UPS Yes test above rest cause I be so blessed Blessed be the one I’m descendant of the sun I have some punch lines but plenty of puns Carry no guns cause my eyes are like knives Killing kitty’s 9 lives in just one try (cat angry) Spit full of venom, and skin like denim Doubters talk shit, cause shit I let them You see you cant win Odds are better for success To get the pope on his knees and quick to confess Take it how you want im just getting off my chest But still 10 ahead cause my rap game is chess And im fucking up rewind buttons Busting frestyles cause you want to see something cool Well this is just what I do, Imagine That me times 2 Twice the MC like MC squared When Im flowing on the beat they be like damn fool thats so unfair Go and cut your hair you fucking hippie
I think not 03:23
Alright I must confess I’m not a fan of new boyz But damn I got to say damn hot shit boyz Now that’s said and done I begin with my fun Erupting with the noise, here it comes better run So I’m a bring it back and show you where its at Stars & Streetlamps present me Imagine That On this bass track with the beat so phat I got the mic so please shut your yap Always brand new with this flow that I do But don’t misconstrue that posins what I do Please think it through let it all process Cool comin through cause I bring the hotness High temperature extreme Fahrenheit Ignite rocket fuel to the stars I take flight Alright, Ok, you know what I’m about Any questions now, so I can silence all the doubt No I didn’t think so, silent like your dead Question marks seen all surrounding your head Looking like the sims read emotions so easy Im’a fuckin mac and you is all PCs (Chorus) You talking bout me? No I think not You talking bout me? No I think not You talking bout me? No I think not If you got something to say then please step up I think not Slow to operate not to mention contemplate So I’m running circles, wait no figure 8’s All around you to ensure you’re confused Trouble keeping up? So sorry fool! Hey pay attention right here please focus Can’t comprehend all my magic hocus pocus Rabbit in a hat and poof like that Volume in the room, straight went flat Erupt with applause standing ovation Bitches getting crazy like they lost their medication All off their pills no longer standing still Words can’t explain, but they was crazy for real’s Unbelievable these words that I spew Bars so sick I got bitches saying ewwww So tell me this, Can you really handle? When I’m blowing sixteens like I’m blowin birthday candles Stay hush hush all you haters know the deal Claim to call me fake cause you claim to know what’s real Claim to know whats real? Man you couldn’t tell the difference Not about opinions, it’s a matter of the preference (chorus) One more time just to really piss you off What kinda sicko are you getting off? Oh the sickest kind no one sicker you will find Go ahead and look but im the worst kind No one on this earth can ever be like me Might have to search in other galaxies If you cant see then maybe hubble will But I forget universe is parallel So might as well take me and square it up Cause I’m rooted now yo Scotty beam me up On my enterprise and I’m looking for success It won’t take us long, cause I’m riding with the best On the S.S. on your marks and look alive Fire up the rockets and max the hyper drive Take it to the max and then times five Try to keep up but ya cant Nose dive Failure in your try so don’t wonder why When its just expected, so don’t you dare cry So im leaving now and leaving y’all speechless Anything I left, suck it off leeches
You know I had to eventually get on this one. Microphone check yo, mark ready set go Off with my flow, best believe I let it go yo So sure shot when the beat gets to pop I drop it like its hot falling off I think not I show you what I got while I execute the plot Execute command as the one whose calling shots Dirty deeds at hand in my DNA strand and I got as many bars as the beach has got sand Caught red handed Smile on the candid Alien Intelligence Crash landed Into my brain and Ive never been the same Once was so lame but now I’m simply King I do it my way yeah BK way Made simon shadow and told him I say Yes follow me now I am the leader Breaking speed readers in my two seater No slowing down cause im in the fast lane Doing what I want can you say the same? No I think not but Imagine if you want You can be me be Imagine if you want But remember this man you just a clone Biting what I do doing nothing on your own Such a sad story and not to mention boring So I switched it up now living in the glory Taking huge risks equals living like this Think it was easy? Such thoughts are dismissed Gotta spend big if you want to make a bit Aint no half ass and forget the word quit I want to be legit so I’m never tuning in To that wack shit that you be swimming in Like a fucking anchor its pulling us down Another drowning victim, bow our heads now Ok silence over, boomin supernova Loving all over, pure Casanova Seducer of the words and remembered like a curse Object of desire like a lady wants a purse Digging through the words like DJ digging crates Huge amount of words are supplement for dates But never hesitate on the beat so get it straight Complicate the rhyme so they never replicate
(DJ) With us today is the incomprehensible and sometimes just downright odd, Imagine That! So hey I hear your going to do a little something for us today, a demonstration if you will? Is that true? You ready? No practice run the 1st cut’s the only one If ya cant do it right then its best to try it none No use in saying go, cause I already begun Try and measure skills and I’ll just reply tons Yeah that’s how I do when I simply execute Like dot E.X.E. on a windows CPU Far more advanced than your plans to command since I’m looking to enhance by creations of my Mind, never left behind nope never again I’m on that goal line from back at forth and ten While others pray for mary’s and just say amen I’m here making moves that you cant comprehend I’m Silent like a ninja bigga than jiggas figgas With eyes on the prize my status gets bigger bigger Crazy writing skills And imaginations vigor Think I’m stopping now? How do you figure? Not even slowing down as I perform how My time is coming up so I’m just counting down The seconds till I make it find a stage and then I take it Take the Game approach and surpass expectations (DJ) Wow Ok ok, I must say that was quite good. Invigorating even. A breath of fresh air for the hip hop community. So there you go boys and girls! Imagine That, not so live but definitely direct and in your face. He is coming with it. Think you can keep going? Yeah I’m going in, I’m on my second wind He’s asking me for more, so I begin once again Yes I’m telling you does that name ring a bell Not so impressed? Oh shit ah well Believe I’m bringing it cause it’s the name too Initials I.T. but should be I.Q. In fact I really do see the impossible Taking the unreal and make it literal (DJ) Alright that whats I’m talking about! Just keeps going boys and girl, just keep going and going and going.
Once upon a time not long ago When others lived fast and I lived life slow I was coming up Dow Jones rising up Stock market crashed but I’m no broker showing up I keep myself together during inclement of weather Flames, Planet Shakes, High waves yo whatever Never find me drown when that rain's coming down My Flow keeps me afloat so I be safe and sound So here I go now yo ready set go My bar is full power and yours still looking low On the count of the 3 but I’m gone when you said on No im not a cheat you just take too long So im looking past the wait skip straight to check mate Peace Mo’ Fuckers as I blast out the gate Fuck a bet to place put me down to take the win Reap all your winnings then place the bet again Once upon a time not long ago When I was sparking up the fire but all I got was glow I said to check me out but all I heard was no Hey shoot me a beat and they said what for? Alright mo fuckers its gon be like that? I never heard of you when you hear Imagine That Told talk is cheap so instead I speak with bars Spitting prisons made of gold from what I’ve said thus far Invaluable, unbelievable, improbable, so damn incredible Just doing what I do with my nike state of mind Failure on repeat cause I’m success by design For every thousand No’s I’m gonna hear a Yes It’s looking 9 cubed so take a guess what’s next On the right track but a different kind of train Same destination no hate do your thing Meet you at the top, conquer up the summit Flag in my name and exclaim did done it Once upon a time not long ago I Did my homework on Mr. Fiasco Hey Big Brother yo this for you My inspiration to keep the flow true This might catch your ear yo I hope it does too Not to get signed but just for thank yous To show me I can do, and flow intelligent And speak of the matter that to me is relevant Replace supplements and supply organic sense So I use progressive tense to make a difference When I started out yo I claimed FnF Westside chapter from that coast to the left But it wasn’t me so no one was impressed I Took your business model and created S&S Now it’s S n S U.P. Thank you so much Mr. First and Fifteen Hope to share the stage or make a feature on a track So don’t forget the name, Its me Imagine That
(Chorus) Cause you never understand, you never even care It’s all I ever hear damn it’s so unfair I let you get to me because I care Because it matters to me Oh yes, It matters to me It matters to me since you matter to me So love, it matters I was on my tip do whatever suited me Happy living me yeah that was the key To living out right every day and every night Never uptight feeling light and living right Then you came along and revealed what was wrong My pride left me blind so I sang the same ol song And refused to go along with the path that you picked But don’t get me wrong I’m not trying to be slick Just difference of opinions, miscommunication I apologized with no hesitation So sorry love you misunderstood Let me try again, rewind it back if I could I should treat ya better yeah that I can do Kiss you and miss you improving how I do All those little things that love can make me do Like a bright idea they just come to me too but I know it’s been a while since I made you smile But give me an inch and I’ll give ya a mile (Chorus) Waiting by the dressing room wasn’t the worst Holding all your shopping bags and heavy ass purse Waiting on my lady like a plan to unfurl Anticipating for the girl of my world Out from the dressing room made me step back With her Lany kind of cuteness yeah she was all that “So how does it look” with a question she asked Not a moment soon did I check out her ass Can’t blame me right? it means I like too “The dress looks good and so do you” But misunderstood of the words that I used To describe my gorgeous girl and the way that it do The dress I must confess was irrelevant to cuteness Yet a point less cause I didn’t act so impressed So she got upset but hid it from me though And as always, expected me to know Surprised her with a hug and said she looked great But she pushed me out and said you’re to late (Chorus) Women are from venus, men are from mars Basic understanding why you make it so hard We not the same page but at least we got the book You can be the queen and I’ll serve you as the rook Claim to call it check mate, but really it’s a stale mate It’s not a fuckin game, It’s just a first date Yeah I like your shoes, but to me there still shoes Nothing that impressive and I’m sorry that’s the truth But for you I’ll act so impressed Acting like them shoes are the best thing yet Putting on a smile and playing along I’m not lying love I’m just singing your song To the same tune, the beat of your heart At least I’m being honest must agree that’s a start Heading for the finish but I’ll never cross the line Me and you together in the end to freeze time I’m not your yes man but definitely agree If it matters to you then it matters to me (Chorus) x2
Sure Shot 03:24
(Chorus) Ah damn here I go as Im busting with the flow I Grab a microphone so just tell me when to go Try to stop me and I’ll put in your place Yoa stuck in the rat race cause you still contemplate Who what and why and how is this guy Spittin a funky flow without getting tongue tied damn I don’t know but I’m so sorry though To all the others rappers that I bumped below To the bottom ranks cause your rhymes just sank Like nemo off the plank in a shallow think tank Zero mind control so you Cant hold a thought Try to bite from me but your bound to get caught Im Jumping head first without a need to rehearse I call it a gift cause you call it a curse Like my own world topsy turvy and twirled The flow is so hot it’ll makes your toes curl (Chorus) Im Never lettin up as I don’t give a **** Hit with sticky stuff but I’m never staying stuck Try to look tough by callin out my bluff but Quick to yell enough when Im spittin from the cuff I know you like it rough so damn I’m playing hard Court is now session cause I’m raising past the bar I’m Comin at you live and fully direct Rhymin so hard you can call the flow erect Organic flow minus artificical flava Look at my skills then look what God gave ya Sucks he skipped you and doubled up my dose With bars so sick they go to comatose Cure isn’t here and that sucks for you Only things done are tried and true I Begun with step one and I’m giving up none Even as some point and try to make fun (Chorus) So to the point and with accuracy I freeze emcees like the temp was negative 3 I Fire sure shot like you wouldn’t believe And I got a way with rhymes like some kind of thief Robbed mother goose and the thunder out from zeus Turned Arkham Loose as a way of temptin bruce Try to take me back with a small surprise attack Then I layed your ass flat like I layed this phat track Never to try again when your weapon is the pen You end as I begin when the mics to my chin I fly with confirmation when I spit my information You freeze in hesitation when you view the complication Try to fuck with me but you better think not Cause I drop heat when the heat gets to pop I found your weak spot cause you must have forgot That you were straight messin with a fuckin Sure Shot (Chorus)
(Chorus) We do this for the love y’all, for the love We saying what we saying y’all, for the love Hands up in the air if you feeling true love We do it we do it we do it for the love We never giving up y’all, for the love We giving what we giving y’all, for the love Hands up in the air if you feeling true love We do it we do it we do it for the love I want something new, this Love thing will do Quite the concept and the concept is cool Can’t quite describe, cause the love’s beyond words Nothing but a feeling but the feeling goes unheard Changing with the verb cause we taking action Change is truly felt even with a tiny fraction Give it up put em up give me some love Knowing that feeling that giving back love Never thinking of or expecting in return That’s how love works ya live and learn Burning with emotions and my heart overflows Exit through my mouth and so the flow goes For my friends and foes yo did you even know This love thing is new and I’m loving how it goes Eternally around yeah never coming down Making me so high I’m so high up off the ground I want to scream so loud out from my lungs now I want to share this love so let me show you how No you can’t deny so don’t bother asking why This feeling that you feel is putting hands into the sky And just like that wave em side to side Then before you know it all problems subside It’s all love man, just do cause you can We going back to basics so thus here I am Treating as if, love was brand new No explanation cause love is telling you Speaking from the heart so listen with your soul Ready for the love? Yeah, here we go (Chorus) Let me speak intelligence of what I feel inside Crazy power feeling bringing tears to my eyes Damn me oh my with this feeling take flight Don’t know what it is but damn it feels right Never felt before or dreamed of this Unknown feeling but feels like bliss Sweeter than a kiss and longing like its missed Feeling come back of you I wished Wishing for a way to provide a state of mind Living in the dark but you provide the light I want to fight the fight here with you by my side Feeling fucking scared but the courage you provide Focused and alive cross the T’s dot the I’s No need to smoke cause you keep me hella high High high higher than the sky Feeling so good hot damn I wonder why (Chorus)
Stepping to the mic but I must be stepping right Cause if I’m stepping wrong I might just catch a flight No feathers no wings praying red bull please Falling free fall as I’m wishing for some 3’s Genie’s in a bottle as my speed is full throttle Wishing time freeze and turn it to gelato A life so sweet crystallize up in the heat Life’s like a diamond hard as fuck but so neat Hard to appreciate when it’s right there and have it But worth to fucking kill for try and steal grab it Yeah I fucking want it damn I gots to get it But once its in your hand, it’s like na forget it What the fuck is this I thought life was truly bliss Maybe hit or miss but always worth the risk Like love’s first kiss turn a mrs. From a miss But gotta make it quick clocks running tick tick Expiration date so I’m trying to hurry fate I want to find true love but cant even find a date Tried to be a player but discovered I’m a lover Love is on my mind cause I’m always thinking of her But does she love me back damn, I don’t know I want to fuck her good, not like another ho Hold her through the night and never let her go So when she says I love you I can say yeah I know Back to the topic, oh yeah I’m falling Not in true love cause that’s clearly not my calling But never the less gravity has my number Looking like your stock IQ going dumber Searching for a cloud so my head can feel like home It’s feeling like a dream but my totem says I’m home Inception of my heart is deception of my mind Feeling tuned in cause my soul reception fine (Kwency Jones verse lyrics will be posted soon)
(Narrator) Classroom control and learning efficiency are products of good teaching. Learning must be made meaningful. Interest in work for which learners see a purpose provides its own discipline. Hello and salutations lets commence with celebrations Yo I had to come right back and bring the educations So thus I’m coming back google map just where I’m at and Search for evolution and result is Imagine That But this no evolution, this is Lovelution Substitute the constitution with the revolution And please pay attention as I drop this comprehension Apprehension must be lessened if you want to learn the lesson Flip the script switch the shit I’m blowing y’all to tiny bits Want to take my temperature cause I’m feeling fucking sick Ill with this flow like bliss I’m sweeter than the sweetest kiss hey you fucking haters are you listening to this? I really Hope you hear it jack your style and commandeer it Horror movie entrance So you truly dearly fear it Creeping up with the rear with my psycho Norman bates pose Will I strike you down? HA Only God knows And so I just suppose lets exchange the verbals blows And Stand toe to toe and just let it all go, Im on my fucking shit and I’m rapping up a storm Brainstorming lyrics into multiples of 4 Been building up to blow ever since I was born I’m gonna kill this shit so you’ve all been forewarned Even up the score yo I’m talking bout Revenge Of the bookworm grab you mind and watch it bend (teacher) This is the poorest class ive had in a long long time. You dont know what the word study means, you havn't the slightest idea. Now the troubles with your attitude, you dont pay enough attention in class. Cant hold me back like a quarterback evading sacks You call those lyrics? I just call it wack Bring your best attack and commence the combat Retreating from your line and My blow makes it go flat Take That! Wack stack stack of sixteens! Back to middle school and research what rapping means Can you see me now, or am I just to loud? This is now my time so I’ve got to do it now Cause your time is up so I’m a throw it down Fucking up a lyric like I bitch slapped a noun And ripping into dictionaries like I’m fucking missionary Murdering a verb and list em in obituaries (Teacher) Most of you have no foundation at all. I tell you right now that unless you get over your lazy habits and come up to the standards ive set for this class. many of you will have the pleasure of repeating this course next semester. Bitch you just a secretary living so secondary You should listen up cause this shit’s legendary Zelda kind of flow like an old school nintendo Do you get that shit? Or no en tiendo? Pausing on the crap and warp zone the wack No time to play, so I finish minutes flat Take a tip and write it down and maybe you could learn How to do it how I do it, Revenge of the Bookworm! (Teacher) What kind of behavior do you call this, this is the kind of behavior I might of expected of ya. All I do is leave the room for a few minutes and what do I find? Confusion. Disorder (Narrator) The development of mutual understanding between teachers and pupils will help eliminate disciplinary problems, for respect is a more desirable molder of behavior than fear.
I’m not where I want but I can see it from here Just in the distance yeah just another year I know you clearly hear and you can’t deny skill My mouth is like a gun that I fire at will Fully automatic cause I’m still writing like an addict Inhale to reload then pow I’m back at it Ballot in the box, Bullet of the gun Voice from the crowd possessing shine like the sun Exist to make a difference I’m the spark before the blaze Providing clarity in this world full of haze Do as I say not do as I do? Na fuck that you can do what you want to That’s just how I’m living and I’m livin so good Dreaming without a doubt no question if I could I know just what I’m worth, the value of my words Here to cash it in with all the lessons that I’ve learned …Like true love does exist and You only fucking fail if you fail to persist I burned my share of bridges but I’m trying build back Reflecting on my choices but don’t live in the past Remember yesterday but dream beyond Love it all now cause tomorrow it could be gone Giving what I got until my end of days But until then I just wanted to say I apologize if im coming off a little bit preachy, I just wanted to clear my mind out a little bit you know? I see the goals at hand, they’re just within my grip I have a firm hold cause if not, watch it slip Like the love I had that slipped up out my hands I know there’s a reason someday I’ll understand Feels like im dying and the pain keeps on giving 3 simple letters keep me going and living KMF til there’s nothing left Keep Moving Forward until my last breath I Cut like a chef possess heat like the oven Think you really something but to me your still nothing Nothing like outer space absolute zero Getting lost inside my words but dont you dare call me nemo Unless you mean captain cause damn I make it happen Living wide awake on top of bitches still nappin Dreaming of the stars so I guess they dream of me Talking shit to me but its me they want to be And want to bully me cause I’m the opposite of thug But I’m beyond your reach so bitch you cant touch Crutch across the finish line but damn I fuckin made it Don’t accept the win cause the journey I want to save it Life’s a fuckin bitch but worth shit if she’s easy Worth is in the work so I don’t fuck if she’s sleazy Peace to the past cause im ready today So when thinking of tomorrow I just gotta say I guess I feel a little better... just a little bit though ... Yeah
Second time around, my second shot at life The spotlight is on so ive got to shine bright Tonight’s the night love, like love in moonlight Moon looks hella nice, cause it reflects your light Shine in day time like diamonds in the dirt I had my heart broke but that no longer hurts I taped it back together maybe not so perfect But I’ll do it again cause She was so worth it Back up on the horse, no words, just ride Who’s up next? Let’s just say it’s come time So if you’ll be so kind and pass and hand the mic A Seamless exchange as hands outrun the sight And I’ll take the stage with hello boys and girls I present the best of me a boy against the world And let the tale commence but speak in present tense As what I set to do has become past tense But never the less I’m dreaming future tense I see no common sense so I donate my two cents Nothing to hard as it comes like second nature Keys in minor tone but my lyrics sounding major I cant be hating you, cause that’s what haters do Hating everything but hating with no clue Jumping to conclusions with illusions as solutions Believe they have a right but there aint no constitution Written fallacies full of greek mythologies Zeus to us mortals? Yeah more like fantasies So I ask please end the hate begin the peace Start from the top leave the past up in the breeze Execute with ease Not war, make believe There aint no lies here, just truth up in my sleeves Magic in my phrase like Obamas yes we can days Maybe yesterday but the future has me dazed Of what can still be if I act accordingly Not surprisingly, I’m talking about we As we proceed into what tomorrow brings Something beautiful, yeah just you wait and see You wont be disappointed, yeah I guarantee that I’m pointing for the fence, just hand me the bat So who’s up next? No need to introduce I will take the stage and be ready on my cues Blowin like a fuse inspired with my muse With a mic check, yeah 2 1 2 So No I cant stop, I don’t see an end Only take a pause then, start again Like a second breath into my runners high Endorphins taking over so I’m flying in the sky Maybe grab a star or two collect some souvenirs Like a trip to Disneyland, mouse ears I’m ready for my time and that’s before the count of 3 So who’s up next? just me just me, believe its me
Which way to go, I’m stuck at crossroads OMG unknown I’m thinking to myself no Let me rephrase, I’m thinking for myself For once in my life I’m thinking of myself What’s really best for me and not what they want of me What’s the key to life and living happily so Fun and fancy free with no worries on my mind I could share them all but sorry some are mine But still I want to say so let the spot shine Here on center stage, ahem, the times mine I am so sick and tired of being sick and tired No you’re not hired or sorry but you’re fired Past amounts due regret to inform you Hitting breaking points when I pray for breakthroughs Can we break bread instead of breaking news Maybe make a difference help us win instead of lose I can’t help but think and maybe reminisce Of opportune missed doing that instead of this Not living in the past but I can’t help but wonder What if they stayed together and really meant forever Would the family be a family and all so fuckin dandy If I wasn’t such a dick and a little bit more handy But I’m just Clark Kent no S on my chest Ordinary man but any test will say I’m best Do because I’m good and accomplish cause it’s great Still fighting on but I’m never fighting fate It’s ok to drop a tear cause your safe to do that here Between me and you, you should always welcome fear Cause fear will give a challenge and put us to the test Force to give our best pushing past our known extent Breaking through the mold wont settle for a dent I’m working hell bent to obtain my heaven sent (Chorus) And I always find, yeah I always find something wrong You been putting up with my shit just way too long I’m so gifted at finding what I don’t like the most So I think it’s time for us to have a toast Let’s have a toast for the heart broke Let’s have a toast for the sad souls Let’s have a toast for the flat broke Everyone of them that I know Let’s have a toast for the Losers Victims of Abusers People it’s time to stand Don’t Run away just cause you can So Today is where we start beginning with the heart No need to rush since life’s a work of art Not living in your shoes but I know the road is rough Don’t matter though cause I know the soul is tough Enough is enough how much can we take I want something better Lord please for heaven sake With tears down my face up each other in a race I want to make my mark but afraid of showing face Feeling lower case but I want to capitol On everything I do and be sure my heart is full And even over flow with all the love that I know One day plant my seed and enjoy to watch it grow Yeah my daughter June, my love I’ll see you soon Daddy’s working hard to ensure we see it through So until we see that day we continue on our way Persevere and all, no matter come what may (Chorus)
We were sitting out on the steps you know So Time warp to 98 when these things were kinda great Naaaa whom I kidding, I was living the life Not a single care except for homework at night Stuck in basic math but damnit I tried Learned some other lessons that I rather further favor Like Love and Heartbreak by all the notes I gave her Made some life friends in the middle of the fun Me and Mr. Baker, were number one It wasn’t brunch time cause I still called it Recess Best kind of days were the one’s we had free dress Taste of whats to come by the bullies and the bullshit But it’s worth the days and believe me I knew this So I stuck it through and began the growing process Loch ness but still shortest of the monsters Always picked last cause I didn’t have the height But what I didn’t have I made up in might Always on and always picked believe I took my licks Discovered length of strength when I got my ass kicked Explored the neighborhood and this place I called home A little taste of life and discovered the unknown Made it known and this taste, I wouldn’t ever trade GigaWATT took shots in this game I played Muscatel Madness was my 8th grade Sitting back now, ah those were the days (Chorus) x3 Let’s take it back to those concrete streets School yard daze no tricks just treats Playground wack shit good times everlasting Living the life and life was fantastic So Time warp twenty zero 3 and find me Was the new kid but now graduating Yup senior year and not a fear to find Fuck my GPA I just want a good time Enough about the credits and the college to apply I want to live this moment so I never wonder why Why I never asked a girl to be with me and skate with me Spend some time with me and skip complicating All the stupid things that ends all the dating false accusations that leads us to hating Each other and your mother and so I skipped prom hate to feel rejected I didn’t even ask mom But before I knew it I’m already moving on First day of college, what the fuck is going on Bigger campus little man all the girls around me Where to begin, for real overwhelming Fuuuck im gonna be so late. I cant believe parking really is that ridiculous Wait, What this? class is canceled? They really do that here? Like for real? Yessss I'm going to the beach I fucking love college So now I’m here today by lessons yesterday Schoolyard playground not only for the play The greatest class I had was out on the blacktop Life lessons learned even then it don’t stop I’m learning everyday though the class room has changed Work, Bills, Bull but the players still the same Rearranged positions but the bullshit’s the same We never really grow just move up the next grade (Chorus) x3 Let’s take it back to those concrete streets School yard daze no tricks just treats Playground wack shit good times everlasting Living the life and life was fantastic Damn, I guess I never really left school now that I think about it, But being honest though… I kinda miss it. (Chorus) Let’s take it back to those concrete streets School yard daze no tricks just treats Playground wack shit good times everlasting Living the life and life was fantastic
A Part of Me 03:34
This my second coming but don’t call me Christ though But I’m understood the same so I’m on the right road That’s the path to greatness, to be the one you wont forget As he who chased his dreams even though they far fetched Inspired for the same, he told me I’m to blame If I give up now things will always be the same Cause when it’s all over will you look back and smile Or will you frown inside and then fake it in denial Reminisce of Reminiscing, yeah Of days not long ago when I was stressing out so Is this really it? Or is there more to go Clearly there was more for all the things I found in store Enjoying what I have but damn I want some more Love, Gifts, Money Life Nothing lasts forever so I take it all in stride…. … and just enjoy the ride My hands up on the wheel while other hand is shifting Think I got it sorted out? na, I’m still sifting Through the different bullshit that daily plagues my life Deciding who to trust as I showcase all the knives Stuck inside my back cause I just leave em where they at To just to show you mo' fuckers that there’s nothing on my back jack React to what I’m saying and let the words sink deep And just remember this, this is a part of me (Chorus) x2 This is just a part of me and no one can take it from me By acting ugly This is just a part of me and no one can take it from me This gift is from me I Love knowingly, This is just a part of me This is just a part of me More than just a number standing single file’ll show ya proof Polygraph my life and results will say I’m truth … so there’s your fuckin proof Clearly evident my entire life is heaven sent Only way was up and that’s clearly how it went Want to stop my progress now? Get bent Cause stopping’s not an option if you placed a bet you lost it Keeping up reflects your options, exhausted I’m that underdog that you never saw coming Straight counted out before you even saw me running But now I’m running past and I’m running fast you will finish where I started, dead last I can’t say prediction when I know that it’s a fact Observing what I see and what I see is skills you lack Advancing what I have, and all I have is just my name It’s time to make a change or my life will stay the same with Pain, Tears, What if, Lies Nothing lasts forever so I take it all in stride… … and just enjoy the ride Top down volume up stars in the sky (Chorus) x2 This is just a part of me and no one can take it from me By acting ugly This is just a part of me and no one can take it from me This gift is from me I Love knowingly, This is just a part of me This is just a part of me
Dear Love, 01:53
Dear Love, It's been a wonderful and amazing time to have known you. You came into my life unexpectedly in true love fashion and I was bewitched by the power you wielded. So much so, it seems I wasn't ready nor worthy of the feelings you had surprised me with in my heart. The clouds I had laid my head upon were only equaled by the fires of hell within my heart. Dearest Love I don't regret the time I spent with you, as a matter of fact I'll cherish every moment as if it were an invaluable treasure beyond a wildest dream. I had the opportunity to experience what others can only dream about, and for that I'm lucky. Forever my truest of happiness and heart belongs to you Love, and am somewhat sad to see its come to an end as it has. The decisions I've made, that have resulted in losing what future I can now only dream about, is my one and only regret in life which I am prepared to live with forever. Never the less, I will always love you love, and am sorry I wasn't better prepared or more driven to cherish you as you deserve to be. I hope and pray, I may get a second chance to see you again Love, for now I know the true value and would do nothing as I've done before to ruin it like I did. Love, Iloveyou....... .
Who's Fault? Our Fault. yeah Surprise surprise, here we are again Same fuckin game but did either really win And when you think about it, I really fuckin doubt it Future mirrored past but when it came I fuckin fought it Love is fucking bullshit but damn I fuckin bought it Haters on the side but damn they fuckin called it What you know about it? Were you ever there? Did you see it all or see enough to even care? No it wasn’t fair but feelings swear it’s true Heart has gone to pieces can you at least supply the glue As I sit alone and begin to piece together Dreaming of tomorrow and how it will be better A tear dances down with grace and simply falls below How you make me high then quickly feel so low I don’t know Why you letting go?...... Letting go of everything you had my heart and made it sing Granted im not perfect but I really do want the ring Slide it on your finger and then claim you as my queen But can it ever happen if the love remains unseen Screaming at each other as I let myself go Raise my fucking hand where did my mind go I apologize for every moment of abuse Hands for your necklace and for when you wore a bruise Not the kinda gifts that I want to give to you Not the kinda love that I want to show to you So I’m not surprised you threw a deuce and said your through Fronting like no care but in fact I really do What am I supposed to do? When I’m all by myself Begin to fade away and escalate to hell How can you walk away when you did your share of wrong No apologies and ok with being gone Lies and hiding facts taking dick and all of that Justify your actions no regrets to take it back Ok to break my heart cause you feel I broke yours No more room for love but I ask what for? "Things used to be. Now they're not. Anything but us is who we are. Disguising ourselves as secret lovers, we've become public enemies. We walk away like strangers in the street. Gone for eternity, we erase one another. No phone calls. No sweet text messages. We are mere specs of particles, floating, unknown to our partners' existence. So far from where we came. With so much of everything, how do we leave with nothing? Lack of visual empathy equates to the meaning of L.O.V.E. Hatred and attitude tear us entirely. We meet at opposite poles and no longer can we bond like love birds to a song or flowers to a Daisy. The air smells of rotten love and burned hearts. We have trashed our over cooked love that now accompanies the bin of deceit. Don't turn around. Continue walking away. Disappear into that darkness that rests upon your gritty shoulders. Let that dark cloud follow you wherever you go. So long ex-lover. Farewell." - Chloe mitchell
This Moment 04:50
(Chorus) Oh, can't anybody see, We've got a war to fight, Never found our way, Regardless of what they say. How can it feel, this wrong, From this moment, How can it feel, this wrong. By thy kingdom come set out now it’s done Now all is said and done I’m standing tall the only one I made it to the end but I couldn’t comprehend How and mostly why, did I murder all my friends Friends till the end but I caused the end’s begin I can’t fight the fate, but I fought to defend I struggled for success but now it sucks to be the best When there’s no one purely left who knows what it meant To give up everything to go and chase the dream Unknown and unseen the cost to pay for dreams Until you’ve given all do you really find it means That nothing’s as it seems, the sad reality False fantasies filled with empty galaxies Not endless space, just room to mislead Indeed to supplement but I failed in the try In the still of night, alone and asking why (Chorus) I fought to come back but damn my set backs Back into the distance far in non existence Trying to make the difference, but coming up the same Looking to point the finger but finding just my name I Bow my head in shame and exhale in defeat Incomplete is me without reaching for the feat A Victim of deceit all because I lied to me Thought this was it, but it’s failure on repeat How can it feel, this wrong, From this moment, How can it feel, this wrong. I reached the pinnacle as I promised not to stop No time to take a breath till I reached the very top To the top, to the top, to the top, then I made it But little was it known the dream was full of steam All I had imagined was nothing as it seemed I deemed a valiant effort all to make it true But in the very end… … it was all for nothing too How can it feel, this wrong, From this moment, How can it feel, this wrong.
First unheard message... Friendship Ambition Persistence Love Staring in the mirror, trying to see more clear Who the fuck are you and where’d the fuck you take julian huh? … damn we want him back Let us love him so and get him back on track Release him from your ways and go your separate ways He belongs to us not your evil devil ways ….Exorcist the pessimist …. Julian you hearing this? Family Passion Please forgive me lord for I havn’t been myself I turned my back on you but can you nurse me back to health …. Are you all still there? …. Yes Julian we are We’ll be here by your side so don’t you ever shed a tear No your not alone cause we’ll always be right here We know its what you fear we'll always be right here ... we'll always be right here Mother Father


released February 14, 2012


all rights reserved



Imagine Covina, California

Imagine is back with his sophomore effort, Beyond Clouds. The album is a great step forward in not only honing his sound, but in reaching new depths with his songwriting as well. With appearances from a great deal of talent both behind and in front of the microphone, Beyond Clouds is a statement for the masses saying Imagine is here and definitely will not be silenced! ... more

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