The Liftoff

by Imagine

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    The 4th mixtape sees Imagine scratching the surface of fine tuning his original approach to his music. Playing with the theme of space travel, he expands upon his interest of varying music styles, bringing them together only as he can.
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released April 14, 2015



all rights reserved


Imagine West Covina, California

An MC with a love for music as deep for life itself. Imagine transcends what you'd expect from your everyday hip hop artist. With tenacity, intelligence and passion; Imagine is one to watch.

Imagine's latest release, The Liftoff, is his most ambitious project yet. Exploring new themes, observations, and genres; Imagine is allowing fans to learn more about him while still blowing a speaker or two.
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Track Name: The Liftoff
Systems go, you ready for this?!
Ignition go, you ready for this?!
Flight plan go, you ready for this?!
Bet you didn't think I can rhyme like this!
Quick turn around like who the fuck is this
Imagine mother fucker so dont dismiss
Calm the fuck down why you sound so pissed
Cause Im hitting every time and Im sick of being missed

Engines blow, thats my shit
Heading for the sun like Pegasus
But your wings made of wax like Icarus
And Im gonna show the way like Jesus did
So I persist, wont quit now
Straight from the heart wont let you down
Entrust in me, Ill lead the way
Im surfing outer space on micro waves
Fucking up sets but don t wipe out
Destined for this life and calling out
All you mother fuckers that still hold out
On showing some respect and casting doubt
Open every show and that shit I kill
Still no love at the bottom of the bill
But I kill that mother fucker like no one else
I'm chin checking mics so check my skill
What the fuck more you want from me
Hella frustrated but not changing
I'm sticking to my course where stars guide
I'm high to the heavens and I like what I see
That's floor full of clouds beneath my feet
Where all the little people wave hi to me
Hey Imagine, hows the view
Feels like home, like I always knew
Manifest dest, so I bid adieu
... Shooting for the stars, first stop the moon
Track Name: I Am
Sound the alarm I’m coming through
Ya staring me down but the fuck you gon do?

My exuberance bleeds confidence
They act like they haven seen
Me redefine they consciousness
Of understanding what hip hop is
and I did that shit all alone
fuck your hustle I got my own
Paying dues that I still owe
Im up next in case you didnt know
Plagiarist is never this so study my shit with analysis
Ya cant chart out my intelligence
And I dont give a fuck like abstinence
Devil flow, Gots for sho
Slide on the brakes and lean back slow
Tell em one time and let em all know
Fucking hear that? Aaaaah shit bro
Giving it back, you know where Im at
Only move forward and never look back
And it’s K-ing and MFing I know who I am
And I never abandon the things that I can
Eye contact ya best say something
Gonna talk shit ya best do something
Gon throw a punch better hit something
If you aint doing shit, then ya better say nothing

I dont need to speak just look at me
I do this shit so easily
Aint no one like. I. AM!
No one does like. I. CAN.
I’m the shit yeah Im the shit
Oh youre the shit? Na, Im the shit
Putting shit down like yo pet was sick
Im spitting ice cold so the flow is slick
I Am!
I Am!

Ring the bell lets go round 2
I do not stop till I am through
My coolness is prevalent
Spitting hot fire like maleficent
Benevolence, gentleness
But on the track I murder shit
Living how I want and dont think of it
Thats confidence not arrogance
Evidenced since genesis
Your negligence my Petulance
Gonna call me, call me Eminence
Or if you like, my excellence
Yall bleeding out, im beasting out
Gotta problem bitch, lets figure out
Im the fucking shit so fuck your doubt
Only want love cause threes a crowd
So fuck them hoes, no time for those
I want success not your sucking hoe
And watch me blow so beautiful
Living my life so quid pro quo
Cest la vie, what it be
Still reaching out, within reach
Never regret it so hear when I say it
I wanted to do it so pushed myself lf through it
And never gave up though I wanted to do it
Hurt every day screaming what am I doing
And beat myself up always crying and booing
But picked myself up cause Id rather be moving on



Track Name: Knock, Knock
He must be talking bout (imagine)
I think hes talking bout (imagine)
and How I set my mind free
Come and follow me

So on with the show and go with flow so mother fuckers know do not mess with me
And if you sleeping on me then I must consider myself Freddy
Nothing but a dream it aint what it seems but its all too real you know what I mean
When you cant fall asleep with a million things thats going through yo head space
Outta place, outta time, outta luck man!
But Im back on the rhyme and I know where Im at so I pick it up here just fine
... gassed up revved up slamming on the gas and passing that ass but shit slow down and hold one sec you rhyme too fast
It aint my fault you listen slow
Words come like water, my tsunami's flow

He must be talking bout (imagine)
I think hes talking bout (imagine)
and How I set my mind free
Come and follow me

So well rested dream manifested uncontested know your role
And take a step back stand mesmerized and think to yourself just how I go
Nothing but a mic check for respect you think you know but you aint seen shit yet
So shut your lip cause Im the fucking best you havnt heard yet!
Concrete flow, watch me lay it down
Now you know, who the fuck I am
Imagine That, on the plaque, polished up, but in the back
Never center stage but thats ok cause I be shining anyway
Only 15 to spit sixteens and make you fall in love with me!
Rising to the challenge so I know you fucks with me!
Like a freight train aint no stopping when I get to chooing
All into these verses aint no hearses by the time Im through and

Like a mass grave, I dump em right in
Penning executions, So Im writing
Cursive and persuasive in a manner thats amazing
I am native non-complacent always chasing what I find amazing
55 diamonds mouth full of rubys hand made of gold aint shit to me
Car full of bitches sucking my dick. Im already used to it
I want some substance, in abundance
Affecting my soul and not my body making me high all disembodied
Track Name: If You Wanna fea. Malcolm Jamahl and Agie Lee
We in this mother fucker
You in this mother fucker
We in this mother fucker
Better come correct if you steppin up mother fucker
you know where to find me
you know where to find me
Chillin with my feet up bitch Im never hiding

Where da fuck the spotlight?
Yo Put me in that spotlight
yeah put me in that spot
so I can show you what I got and show you suckas how to shine bright
this aint a fucking game bitch
but i'm game if you wanna play bitch
You verse the nerd
So it's actions over words so I know you aint saying shit
Only play to win when I'm playing for that mill man I never phone a friend
They sitting on my coat tails looking for a free ride sweet ride not a care to find so they sleep tight
Fuck that
Aint a star you lack Keenan so it ain't All That
Imagine be supreme and I write it out in all caps Emojiis of the facts so the kids understand that
Elementary in my delivery! Standing mountain top shouting Victory!
On my dali lama skipped a comma so I dont stop
Swerving past the drama when I wanna with my forethought
Staying on my chess game
you nothin but a pawn lame
Fixture of the game want to play, let's begin
Cause I'm lookin Bobby Fischer smoking swisshers bout to win

If you wanna
Oh Ooooh
Oh Ooooh
Oh Ooooh If you wanna
Get inside this mother fucker and prove what you're worth
Whats my worth?
What's your worth?
Prove you're well versed
Spitting that curse when you aint to about to back it up
So bitch you better back it up
Aint about shit so why the hell you speaking up
If you wanna
Oh Ooooh
Oh Ooooh
Oh Ooooh If you wanna
Get inside this mother fucker and prove what you're worth
Whats my worth?
What's your worth? If you wanna
Oh Ooooh
Oh Ooooh
If you wanna

Spitting out the fire of desire take em higher
while i'm walking on the wire with the choir like Preeeeach
Simply unbelievable this shit is inconceivable
I'm one in a million so I must be a Miracle
ah shit there he go
Claiming he's the shit but really he's despicable
In multiples of four I'm laying out the course
Singing with the chorus so I'm adding to the score like
I see the way you looking
I see the way you hating
I see the way you judging
but I never answer back so why the fuck you hating?
I know you talking shit though
but study how my shit go
Definition hypocrite
Ya quick moving lips but hush you don't know shit
Plead the 5th and shut your mouth always got 2 cents but really you should cut it out
Straight up out of turn, Acting like you care but you rather watching me burn
Deep inside the fire toss the lighter flames higher
While hanging off the wire with the choir like Preeeeeach
Simply unbelievable my shit is inconceivable
I'll say it once again I'm the mother fuckin Miracle

Track Name: Truth of the Matter
Location: Planet Earth approximately 8 o clock Pacific Standard Time
A young entrepreneur with a fiery passion for music and live performance pulls into a parking lot of the local dive bar. With a mixture of expectations and aspirations of stardom, fame, and fortune. He makes his way toward the entrance ready to pursue his dream.

I make my way into the bar, the place looks like shit
Neon signs flicker, the pool tables are all ripped
But Ive performed in much worse so this is nothing new to me
Scanning round the room looking for a spot, to sit
Promoter spots me out like he wants to say whats up
But he skips the pleasantries cause he really doesnt give a fuck
He wants to know the quantity of people that are showing up
Greedy mother fucker wants that money, not love
Find a table sit me down setting up my shop
CDs of my mixtape for a dollar a pop
Open for business, so bear witness
To An artist on his grind self-made brand business
Show starts at 9, but people arrive at ten
So the promoter pushes back my set time, again
But what about the guy at the end, think of him?
Performing on a Wednesday night at 1am.

Just another night of an artist on their grind
Trying to make a dollar by making words rhyme
But the truth of the matter is, it aint like that
, no it ain't like that
This isn't what I thought it'd be
This isn't what I thought it'd be
The truth of the matter is this how its gonna be
Cause this is fucking life to me

So every artist on the bill
Takes the stage and thinks their sets, the most ill
Meanwhile I sit and think, this dude for real?
With zero breath control no presence and they think they kill
Only thing they killin, is my mo fuckin time
Think that youre an artist just because you can rhyme?
People in the crowd arent your fans, theyre your friends
Rock a different area code and try to rock it then
I try and work the room saying hi to new faces
Trying to make some fans and get in their good graces
The girlies think Im flirting though
But actually Im working hoe
People think because I rap Im really all about that
Life they see on TV, but that and I dont match
This is really where Im at
In a dingy bar alone trying to sell my tracks


The stars may fill the sky, but however bright they may shine, they will never shine brighter beyond the stars in the eyes of this young entrepreneur. While most of us on this planet become deterred by a brick wall, fellows such as him will only see a momentary delay. Our night has come to an end, but for him the night has only begun.
Track Name: Red Carpet Blvd fea. Salute
Bright Lights, cameras flashing
I’m stunting like I heard action
Award winning, nothing but
I'm stealing every scene I'm in until I hear em yell cut
Destination bright lights
where the cameras roll rich walking out in slo mo
Glossin center stage, casted in that leading role
Ink bomb lid with the brim pulled down low
That’s me just being true
Only got one shot, there aint no take 2
So I'm easing off the gas to ensure that I am seen
With the papparazzi mobbin watchin TMZ stalking me
I'm high off glitz and glam
that's injected by the gram
Imagine's who I am and the plan is never giving up
Stars are underfoot but I stay stuck looking up

Seat back system loud cool as a mo fuck
3 wheels bending corners errbody stare at us
Camera phones out, for that close up
Swanging while we cruising changing lanes I don’t give a fuck

Straight Stunt Hollywood
Like A-List Super Stars
We cruising down up Hollywood
On this Red Carpet Boulevard

Hepburn, not Monroe
Dames over Dimes yo
She was only Norma, till she rocked that tiffany’s
Had some breakfast took some notes down, from Audrey
Holly, Mel, Rose, Monica, my leading ladies
Prolific like Euphrates, Angels of my Hades
Never cease amazement when my wheels hit yo pavement
Want to give y’all the world Accept my soul as down payment
Palm tree's and Power lines
Low Rides and High Tides
Backdrop skylines LA demon staying blessed
PCH my dreams catch me coasting out on the west
But talent’s dime a dozen
Don’t believe me shit, yo go and ask my cousin
Catch me doing anything plus a little something
Then you pan to him, ha straight nothing

Track Name: Your Voice (interlude)
Dave Grohl..... thank you
Track Name: 10am fea. Zzay
It’s only 10 am, and I’m barely waking up
From my pillow is my he_ad lifting up
Sun invades my eyes so I’m saying what the fuck
Cause it’s barely 10 am so I’m barely waking up
Thinking bout last night thinking damn I must’ve done turned up
Checking out my Instagram to hashtag turndown for what
Seeing all my memories like damn that’s wassup
Cause it’s barely 10 am and I’m barely waking up

Last night was so fresh, but this morning feel like death
The sun is beaming down so I crack my eyes and take a breath
Take a second, collect my thoughts wait
why am I just wearing socks
and thats when I noticed her, next to me
Not even gonna lie yo my heart skipped a beat
Going one of two ways rolling over hear her moan.
I guess I wasn’t a mistake when she smiled said, Good Morning

It’s only 10 am, and I’m barely waking up
From my pillow is my he_ad lifting up
Sun invades my eyes so I’m saying what the fuck
Cause it’s barely 10 am so I’m barely waking up
Thinking bout last night thinking damn I must’ve done turned up
Checking out my Instagram to hashtag turndown for what
Seeing all my memories like damn that’s wassup
Cause it’s barely 10 am and I’m barely waking up

Loud music, bright lights, hands way up with double cups
We were coolin out, vibin out, so turnt up
Blow the speakers, fuck the cops, party til the morning
Cant remember shit but my smile implies I enjoyed it