Still Within Reach

by Imagine

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released June 3, 2013



all rights reserved


Imagine West Covina, California

An MC with a love for music as deep for life itself. Imagine transcends what you'd expect from your everyday hip hop artist. With tenacity, intelligence and passion; Imagine is one to watch.

Imagine's latest release, The Liftoff, is his most ambitious project yet. Exploring new themes, observations, and genres; Imagine is allowing fans to learn more about him while still blowing a speaker or two.
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Track Name: And It Begins
… and it begins right here
I’m walking on the edge paper thin its looking clear
Destiny’s ahead, I feel her coming near
Control myself below and so the fear just disappears
… All the stress I let it go
… Using everything I know
Let it flow let it show, in the end I’ll love you so
Never satisfied since my passion has me wanting more
…Till I cross the finish line
…See the future make it mine
fate will intertwined Fickle flame but now I Shine
It begins right here so no question if the time is mine

Looking for a chance to make it
Searching for a chance to see
I just want a chance to be just who I see

And it begins right here, I’m transmitting clear
Ensure you get the message so I’m starting off with dear
Don’t ever shed a tear for the ending I’ll become
I gave it what I had this is just the outcome
Of choices and my will, everything I feel
Avoided what was fake and tried to take in what was real
... Like the realest of the true
... Like the realest that was you
My sight evolved into a vision executing with precision
Adding up what matters and I hold it true no division
…Accepting no substitution
…And it begins right here

Looking for a chance to make it
Searching for a chance to see
I just want a chance to be just who I see

And it begins right here, the hardest thing Ive ever had to write is written here
A pen that’s made from bone, and the inks replaced by tears
This moment is just a moment but its taken me some years
To find me some direction but Im thanking God im here
My spirit was my compass and my heart pumped out the drive
Thankfully alive for a moment dreaming suicide
But with a change of heart, KMF til I die
Track Name: Fit In
Im’a do me
Yeah Im’a be me
Only thing I know so that’s what Im’a be
My essence is my gift and wha__t I’m coming with
So I don’t give a shit on whether not I fit

I was never one to fit but please get a grip
We not the same tip for what ya do for stupid kicks
It slips, this feeling to belong is so wrong
Desire for the bong so we sing the same ol song
But ya hit a sour note you be choking on the smoke
No joke a lack of O with bullshit up in your throat
So it’s for my June, I play my own tune
My sound fills the room and so your soul consu_mes
I presume you feel me and the words I display
But then stray away to clichés of yesterday
It’s ok, I’ll do me and you’ll do you
I don’t have to fit if I want to be true
Cause I know who’s who when reflections rings true
Reflects what I see, and what I see is truly me
To the 10th degree, I’ll fit like I.V.
Exact in the vein I maintain inside of me

Im’a do me
Yeah Im’a be me
Only thing I know so that’s what Im’a be
My essence is my gift and wha___t I’m coming with
So I don’t give a shit on whether not I fit
I’m a do me
Yeah Im’a be me
What you heard before just can’t compare to me
Doing what I know with the wo__rds you wont forget
So I don’t give a shit on whether not I fit

As I Intercept your intellect to reign as king
King of the real by thoughts I didn’t steal
No disillusion in this land of the real
And an ill appeal to a life so surreal
An outcast victim of social segregation
From the cool congregation
By my voice an integration
To blend loose ends make amends foes to friends
And transcend the trend so let it begin
By beats of a drum and become the outcome
Of one who didn’t fit but didn’t succumb
And join the pop majority enjoying the minority
Originality, the top priority
So fuck the authority who yelled to get in line
Try and dim my shine keeping me from gettin mine
Want to hold me back and try to get me off the track
But quick run for cover when I’m starting the attack


Soon to realize the masks of disguise
To identify you’re self should come as no surprise
To never fit me no but go ahead and try
It’s just not my size so it’s best to think twice
And if you thought true, then you were ill advised
Perplexed by Dialect that is said to be complex
But simple composition by the verbs and subjects
With a mathematical twist equals my secrets
But don’t overwhelm with things you don’t get
Just stick with your tims rims and all that bullshit
Not up to par, and I’m the first to admit
My world is not yours but sorry ya don’t fit bitch

Track Name: Fly
Staring at the Sky
Dreaming I can Fly
I’m gon spread my wings and then I’m gonna

An angel since my birth so it’s heaven on earth
Value is by numbers but the worth is in my words
So its best you listen up cause I’m about to take you up
To another level star bound, shoot em up
Cause life was kind of sucking so I had to intervene
And make the opportunities I may have never seen
All I heard before was be careful for what you wish for
Cause soon in the end you’ll regret what’s in store
A little risk to take for a life so grand and great
My time is now, cant afford to show up late
I want to make it real and stop playing pretend
Able to provide and no fear of making ends
Meet incomplete damn what a feat
Am I even close, soon will it be?
Yes without a doubt cause my feet are off the ground
And my head is in the clouds so I’m bound to astound

Staring at the Sky
Dreaming I can Fly
I’m gonna spread my wings and then I’m gonna
High just like bird
Into heights unheard
I’m gonna spread my wings and then I’m gonna
Only looking down
When I’m high up off the ground
I’m gonna spread my wings and then I’m gonna
With clouds everywhere
Arriving when I’m there
I’m gonna spread my wings and then I’m gonna

With nothing left to lose man I’m still singing blues
Yet, chasing after dreams cause they’re still within my view
I’m wearing down my shoes and my Souls wearing thin
I need some chicken soup before I can chase again
With nothing left, I take a deep breath
Enjoying every second cause there’s not much time left
I tried my hand at luck with them stupid superstitions
Empty premonitions paranormal transmissions
Just prohibitions of me from getting mine
I made my own wings all else a waste of time
With a sense of wonder up and over never under
Waking up the world with a slight crack of thunder
Relentless be the rain, ugly clouds all the time
Cover gray skies but the sun will always shine
So I wish upon my flight, effect takes aim
To make it all real so I can end this bad dream


So it’s here I stand with my heart inside my hands
I hope you hear me now and even understand
That I’ll take what I can but now I’m changing lanes
Doing what I can so the outcomes never the same
Nothin more to do, and nothing more to say
It’s do or die today so I’m up up away
Pride is over rated and effort understated
Success is dead ahead and Im never estimating

Cant Stop, Wont Stop, na we too fly
Going up, Going Up, Going Up high
Cant Stop, Wont Stop, na we too fly
Going up, Going Up, Going Up high

Track Name: Still Within Reach fea. Susan Jon Rose
So where do I begin since I don’t know where to start
But I can you tell this, I surely know the end
With me up on top so let it all begin
I couldn’t do with ink, but still I got it penned
Knew it would be different but still I pushed on
I’m always gon hear it like I did something wrong
But try to understand evolution’s taking place
Not the front runner, but I’m glad I’m taking place
Contribute while I can to those who give a damn
Who really want to hear me learn bout who I am
I’ll grab the soap box and speak out no refrain
But still reach out in a way that entertains
Meet the expectations that I set for myself
Eternal happiness tiny fame and minor wealth
So let me ask again do they feel ecstatic?
No but I’m still working, God willing still at it

I’m almost there and I do because I care
Life is unfair but that don’t bother me
The goal I see is still within my reach
All that I want and want to be

I might be almost there, but the fire’s still hot
Just because I’m close I’ll relax I think not
Where’s my success, is this really progress?
Or is it fake sound warned by the prophets
Maybe yes or maybe no I guess I’ll never know
But what I know is this, I’m never letting go
Of dreams that I dreamed so unreal as they seem
They made me who I am and who I’m yet be
Soon your gonna see that for once it wasn’t talk
When I did what I said and you’re left in total shock
I can’t believe he did it but I knew that he could
Thanks for the support when you said that I should
Not continue, you should just quit
Do something else cause this your unfit
Just fuel to the flame for me to take my aim
Shooting for the stars so let the heavens rain

I’m almost there and I do because I care
Life is unfair but that don’t bother me
The goal I see is still within my reach
All that I want and want to be

I’m right here so close and yet so far away
Rocco B did it not to mention Tony Rey
Na I aint hating but I know that I could
I can spit a rhyme make movies just as good
But whats the fuckin use if I’m never gonna share
Promote all I want but there’s still nothing there
Waste of my time, a waste of a try
I can’t be having that cause then it’s just a lie
A polygraph life so I gotta live it true
Applying what’s best in everything I do
So the debut redux’d and I came back too
Still within my reach so now I’m asking you
Do you still doubt everything that I’m about
Anticipate my fail cause my time is running out
No I’m on the rise cause I take my own advice
Live for self and dreams and so I live twice

Just about arrived, soon will be living high
Can’t stop me now, I’m aiming for the sky
Always gon try, I’m never standing by
Still within my reach so I fly so high
Track Name: Pushers
Nothin but a lazy boy recline, just relax
Now is looking good but tomorrow’s where it’s at
Waiting on that perfect time for all my shit to realign
But until that time hmmm take my time
Aint no need to rush cause I know just what I’m doing
Patience is a virtue that’s exactly what im doing
Wait it out, sit it out, life is coming soon
Back to bed, rest my head, its barely fucking noon
There’s so much I want to do but I can’t is the excuse
I’m victim to a ruse by a self inflected wound
It was self infused, so there’s no one else to blame
When I try to point the finger but can only find my name
It’s adding up the same as I try and try once more
But can it really change if myself is civil war
Rebellion against the score but I’m crushed in the attack
The pusher is myself in the way and that’s a fact

You can’t let go
No use, cause
Pushers getting in your view

So you feel the pusher
And you feel the pusher
Yeah you feel the pusher
And you feel
And you feel
And you feel the pusher

I thought it was true love fitting like a perfect glove
But when I looked closer it was purely yell and shove
Forget the puppy love the honeymoon was just a drug
Biting like a bug now there’s aint no ridding of
That feeling deep inside presides implied and now applied
Believing no matter what when it was a blatant lie
Were Still fighting for the lie since now it’s all we have
But love was just a fad let’s admit we’d been had
Add it up and do the math were on the wrong path
Were on the right train but, different tracks
It’s ok to turn our backs and begin our separate ways
Givin that we don’t then were in each others way
Remember yesterday but, just leave it there
The past is in the past it can never come back here
Just trying to make it clear so we feel the hurt no more
Love is now a pusher but aint pushing me no more


Pushing me no more no
I’m pushing back
Pushing me no more no
I’m coming back
Pushing me no more no
I’m back on track
Pushing me no more no
And that’s a fucking fact

Wanting something more, a prize behind a door
Just a dollar more so I can even up the score
Possessing plenty sense, but that wont be paying rent
I need a miracle or something heaven sent
I gambled off my blessings all into the finer dressings
But now I’m stuck at home, and that’s shit’s depressing
Dreams of Jackpot Wins like I’m dreaming dirty sins
Lady Luck undressing and then soon be giving in
To everything I wish swimming in it like a fish
Living in the heavens so luxurious
Money’s what I need so I’m thriving in that greed
Doing what it say’s so that Money’s pushing me

Track Name: She Said
I close the door behind me yeah feeling fresh to death
Here in Vegas strutting cool like Sinatra at his best
Elevator doors split heart skips a beat
By the object of desire by the angel do I see
Time stands still so I take the moment in
Look her up and down then I do it, again
True double take had me think for heavens sake
Can this really be instead of storybook fake
I try to play it cool, slowly step inside
Soft flash a smile as I try to warm the ice
Then she smiles back tossing focus off the track
First sentence out and there aint no going back
How’s your night? Its fine. And yours? Divine
Whats the plan? Find the one. For what? For fun
Maybe me? Possibly. Possibly I guess we’ll see
But before I could this is what she said to me

And she said, and she said, and she said
You’ve got to give me more if you want to get ahead
Less Shine, more love instead
Cause I’m the type of girl who’d rather spend time instead
And she said, and she said, and she said
Gentle be your touch if you want to see the bed
Touch my soul, Heart beating red
Cause I’m the type of girl who’d rather make love instead

Sharing just a laugh but I hope to share more
Enjoying every second and thinking what’s in store
Maybe she could be… the beauty to my beast
Thoughts running wild but I gotta find some peace
Collect myself and catch my breath refocus on the prize
Then she caught me staring… deep into her eyes
Enter wonderland with a second made of sand
Don’t be rushing Alice take your time and take my hand
Fantasy collides reality and so I do it
Took her hand soft cause fate made me do it
A little taken back so I see her hesitate
Heart is thumping fast body heat just elevates
Damn Im in too deep and there aint no going back
This is time to show her Confidence don’t lack
And to my surprise she Doesn’t show retreat
Her grasp grows tight pulls me close and she speaks


Ding first floor 20 floors too quick
Now or never, so I gotta move quick
Don’t just think about it… make a move
Take her for the win or be an R with the lose
Look at her… she’s ready, she’s waiting
Your simply wasting time just standing contemplating
Conversation playing out like we know each other
Ok to sound silly cause we know we love each other
See Ya soon? I hope. Boyfriend? Nope
Shall we grab a drink? Sounds good, lets go
But that’s just where it stays in mind never happened
Cant fall in love without the risk of falling happen
She makes her exit out the doors I saw her from the back
Make a man wonder can I really handle that
And just like that she was gone forever
The moment came and went and I cant help but wonder when

Track Name: Nothing New fea. Susan Jon Rose
I can’t compete
I just can’t win, but
What still can we do
When there’s nothing new
You don’t attempt
You don’t give in, but
What still can we do
When there’s nothing new

We're living a lie, we fighting all the time
What’s mine is yours but yours is not mine
How are we to grow when there ain’t no sunshine
Just rain from our tears, just about reached our time
Maybe call it quits, maybe walk away
Stare only cause I have nothing more say
Words escape now, hope what’s lost is quickly found
But as for how that I can’t explain
Just listen to the pain, yeah I know hear it
Even at that, yeah, I know you feel it
Deep inside your heart cause I know it fell apart
No doubt from the start we were a work of art
So tell me what went wrong, and why’d it take so long
For us to unravel and the pain to prolong
We sang the same song but now we lost our voice
No longer harmony, but tell me was it choice?

Tell me Love
What’s love made of?
Is it push and shove?
Or just puppy love?
Is the past included?
Or is it just intruding?
Is love an illusion
Tell me Love


Compete with the past? Na I couldn’t do that
Clearly I’m no match for the perfection that we had
Sure it makes you sad, but think of how I feel
Your living in a dream fantasy it isn’t real
I’m struggling alone just to make it improve
Me against the world is unfair without you
I liked me be better back then, I know you do too
That nerdy little boy who said we’ll make it through
Romance in his eyes Dreams in his thoughts
Years then went by now, she loves him not
So here we are today and were doing what we must
All broken trust cause we gave into that lust
Love has gone bust so I’m not thinking of
What can still be I’m giving up on love
Curtains on the stage but no fairytale end
Was it really true or was it all pretend?

Tell me Love
What’s love made of?
Is it push and shove?
Or just puppy love?
Is the past included?
Or is it just intruding?
Is love an illusion
Tell me Love


I promised you I tried, never gave up
On me or you now tell me what the fuck?
Did you give the same, Everything but your name
Did you take me seriously or was I just a game?
Did you win at that? Are you happy now
Are you standing tall cause I’m lying down
Exhausted nothing left, not even one last breath
Or was it all for nothing with no time left
Do people change and just grow apart
Is it just that simple? Just a change of broken hearts?
Then I guess it’s not our fault, there was nothing we could do
Fate brought us close but time said that were through
So we bid adieu but love I still love you
That can never change no matter what I do
Take that away and don’t ever look back
Cause when you turn around I wont be where I’m at

I’ll tell you Love
What love is made of
Not push and shove
And not puppy love
The past is included
Yes it is intruding
But love is no illusion
I’ll tell you Love

Track Name: Radio fea. O.K.I.M.
Im sending all these frequencies out
So let me know if you can hear it
And the beat of my heart can you feel it
Yeah Im hoping it finds my way to ya
I’ll translate my
Radio waves
Let me know if you get my
Radio waves
Im sending it on your way

Hey my lady dream how I dream can you hear me
I Know you’re in the heavens lookin down, do you see me
I’ve been waiting patient cause I know you’re worth the wait
Cause years are simply seconds when our destiny is fate
Believing evermore, forevermore I’ll love you more
Knocking heavens door heart with wings so watch it soar
Beam yourself down, I’m ready for you now
To sweep you off your feet breath away, wow
Take a breath and hold it in jump together no guessin
Were falling down together like were feathers caught up in the wind
Heaven sent, Devils Sin, don’t feel bad, don’t repent
Hearts will mend, to you I’ll tend, so let us start and let’s begin
…I know what I can do
…and I’ll do it all for you
Transmission to the heavens hope it gets to you
Exemplify true love, you the love and I’ll be true


I’m here standing by searching clear across the skies
I gave the message wings no doubt it’ll fly
Out amongst the stars floating up there where you are
So when you get it let me know, and shoot a star
They say I star gaze when I’m looking in your eyes
Illuminate the night when you smile, sunrise
So when I ask forever, I’ll love you effortless
Without a question why, Just answer, yes
And there I’ll love you so, this you know, im never letting go
Tender is my heart so this love beats forever more
Stars aglow, the sun below, you my light I cant ignore
Supernova in my soul and when you’re near I feel it blow
… With everything I’ll be
… With everything you’ll need
Come to me, and here you’ll see, all I wish is you with me
Shooting stars on count of 3 shooting out of you and me


Circumnavigate the globe For love im searching for
Absent here on earth so now I’m looking to
Out in yonder space Constellations show your face
Unbelievable the way you stole my breath away
…You stole my breath away
…You stole my breath away
…You stole my breath away
…You stole my breath away
With nothing left to say im just gon say it
Are you coming soon? I pray it!
From my soul with everything I know you’re coming destiny
I have the ring its by my side im ready for you dearest wife
Pleasures of the future pains past yeah lessons life
All that doesn’t matter now what matters is tonight
…all that matters is tonight
… transmission burning bright

Track Name: L.A. to Paris fea. Susan Jon Rose
Are you seeing stars? Let’s chase em!
Shoot across the sky, go chase one!
Looking for a shot? Just make one!
Make an opportunity, you can make one
Yeah you can make one
Go and take a chance, don’t wait none
Living’s worth the risk so take one
Dream like its real and
You’ll be it
I want to see everything
From L.A. to Paris
I’m living for everything

It’s been a long time coming, right on time
Fate was in the distance with persistence yeah I made it mine
So thus here I am, I knew you’d understand
Obama’s in my corner saying boy yes you can
KMF with every breath never letting up
Only quitting ever done, was giving up
I’m giving all I have cause I knew that I could
Beyond what they’d expect cause I’m better than good


Coulda, woulda, shoulda, did! …all amid
The angst, the problems, the pain, the hurt
You’ll never mount to nothing like my worth just equaled dirt
But look at me now, can they say the same?
To them it was a game, but to me it’s how I live
They’ll be sorry then but don’t worry I’ll forgive
When I’m around the world seeing everything to see
Living like a dream no need to wish by 3’s


I’m flying round the world! Can’t bring me down
My head’s up in the clouds and my feet are off the ground
Yeah, my feet are off the ground, yeah
Yeah, so I’m flying now

Track Name: Come and Play fea. Dysfunktional
Smacking up the beat again, Imagine on the beat again
Lucy Tongue twisting with that vitameativegamin
Classic kind of shit high ratings on the rerun
Paying up for cool with your soul but no refunds
Feel the fucking bass on this track up in your face
Blowing ear drums, heart beats out of place
Skip a minor beat or two I cant believe I made it to
To the very top of the summit and I did it truuuuue
and I never had a doubt
Said they had me jailed but I replied na I’m breaking out
Like your teenage face back up in your sophomore year
Proactive activity to make it clear
In my wonder years going savage on the track
Have em like what?! rewind and bring it back
Go to bar 2 damn play that shit again
Lucy Tongue Twisting with that vitameativegamin

Lyrical Wordplay and we playing all day
Want to play with us then you got to play our way
Hey Hey Hey Come and Play
Hey Hey
Lyrical wordplay to us its so easy
Need to play our level cause your level on easy
Hey hey hey come and play
Hey hey

ROCCO BOVO of Dysfunktional


Standing where the winners shine victory is intertwined
Lifes a fucking bitch married her and so I made her mine
Spending all my time like im spending all my green
In the present moment and I do it carelessly
Boss of the Stanza Rapper tony danza
Boss of sixteens Hip Hop springsteen
Born to run, stop me none, cut the talk and have some fun
Not slowing down cause Im no where near done
Im only warming up since position is the bench
Thinking that Im played out? Far fetched
It doesn’t make sense Im the brady to your Bledsoe
S&S dynasty, yeah they know
Im here to check the crown so you know its going down
I’m clocking in for business and my job’s to mess around
Imagine that who’da thought, give me all the best you got
Doesn’t make a difference cause you know I play alot

Track Name: Act like you don't know
Been a long road, to the start line
Is it my time but its not the right time
Hella frustrated cause I want to make it
Saw what I wanted and tried to take it
But its out of grasp but damn im reaching
Didn’t pay attention when life was teaching
Not about the start, its how you finish
No you cant quit get faith replenished
Counting what im blessed when I failed the test
Thought I wanted more but I really want less
Simplify life, slow it down
Pump on the brakes but, don’t know how
Runaway train loose on the tracks
Thoughts of the past and how to take it back
Maybe 88, then set it straight
Really no point cause I know im too late
Your never too late, I know im too late
I keep fighting on but I cant fight fate
So im fighting on yeah im trying to be great
And arriving no time if I keep this rate
Shift gears lets go light speed slo mo
Recalling who I am but you act like you don’t know
Don’t forget the name and google when you get home
Sticking to your mind like my cum to her dome

Hey…Don’t act like you dont know, Me
Hey…Don’t act like you dont know, Me
Hey…Don’t act like you dont know, Me
Hey…Don’t act like you dont know, Me

Hey…Don’t act like you dont know
Im sayin Hey…Don’t act like you dont know
Tell em Hey…Don’t act like you dont know
Hey…Don’t act like you dont know

Level out the field and don’t stop yield
I Cover my heart with invisible shield
So no I can’t feel the evil that you deal
So never is it real this pain I feel
Deep in. my veins. Passion. insane
Cloud over throne cant quit till I reign
And I rain down with that raindrop sound
And Coming down loud do you hear me now?
Attention. All ears. you know. I’m here
Transmitting me am I loud and clear?
All day no play if you didn’t know
Talent on deck cause I got it like whoa
Tired everyday but I try not to show
Damn you ok? Yeah lets go
I want to make a mark maybe make a dent
No superman. More clark kent
Drive is hell bent intent heaven sent
Rather enemies than back stabbing friends
Rather have hate not false love
Rather have truth than always thinking of
Could it really be should I wait and see
Everything is locked but im still the key
Ive got faith in me cause im other worldly
Yeah different no doubt so don’t deny please


Never celebrating no im onto the next one
Going hella dumb like dun dun dun dun
Leaving everybody like what what what what
Fuck just happened? Did that just happen?
Imagine made it happen while saluting like the captain
Never Sleeping on a dream so bitch quit nappin
So Non fiction im just truth,
you looking for the facts
You looking at the proof

Track Name: Welcome to the Top fea. Marc Johnson
Welcome to the top
Im glad you finally you made it
I know some people been hating
So it’ll be my honor to be the first to
Welcome you to the top
This is what the top feels like
This is what the top feels like
This is what the top feels like
This is what the top feels like

Standing on the summit with my hands up in the air
Victory! The truth was in the dare
So this is what it feels like? …. Nice!
And this how is I how I feel right? … nice!
Late nights unemployed still dreaming like a fool
A decade later as a student in the same ol school
But still I’m pushing forward like a snail on to the finish
With a Pathway full of salt but the heart just wont diminish
Replenish and I cultivate and let myself just levitate
To the top I didn’t stop never thought to hesitate…
So now Im feeling great
Simple’s how im living for a life that so complex
Taking what Im given optimistic for what’s next
Maybe feel defeat, not regret cause I gave my best
The journey into greatness never came with ease
But dammit it was worth it for this feeling of relief


Cause I.. struggled for this moment
Best my mind settled down but cant, It’s roaming
Is it really worth it, and what is there to lose
Now ask me again as my names up in the lights
High fives shouting out fist bumps laughing out
Smiles all around cause our feet are off the ground
All my love and gratitude to everyone who believed
Always showed support during all my times of need
Showed up to the shows, shared the downloads
Buying up the album had me thinking like Whoa!
I knew that I was different but knew you felt the same too
Feeling deep inside, if they knew my name too
Measured up the odds and I see them stacked against
Pressures maxing out and I felt it so immense
So watch me Bust in god I Trust doubt me now and eat my dust
Never slowing down cause my heart’s still combusting


This is the top and im not coming down
And it took a lot to get where im at now
This is the top and I won’t stop
This is the top, the top, the top,

Life, wouldn’t be any fun if it was easy. No matter what you do. Keep Moving Forward. KMF.... For Sprite and June.